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Coming May 10th from Limitless Publishing

A Sydney West Novel, Book 2
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Sydney West’s new relationship might have survived Malibu, but her transformation from party girl to girlfriend isn’t complete…

Sydney is back in Arizona, and with the fall semester at her doorstep, doubts about her so-called summer love start to plague her. A good girl can only stay good for so long. Jason King changed her and made her wonder if love was real. But now, far from his charm, and with the party scene on campus in full swing, the magic is fading…

Jason isn’t willing to let distance drive a wedge between them…

A surprise reunion and a romantic cabin getaway is enough to reignite their summertime spark, but Sydney isn’t convinced this whole monogamous, meeting-your-parents thing Jason wants is possible. No boy has ever met her mother. Then, when a sudden family tragedy strikes, it sends her spiraling into her old habits of booze and boys.

Sydney can only hide from her past for so long…

In the fog of drowning her sorrows, Sydney realizes her former party lifestyle won’t make her happy. Her one-night stands ended with Jason. As much as she wants to believe in that far-fetched fairytale ending, she’s afraid if Jason finds out about all her summer boys, he will abandon her just like her father did.

Jason refuses to settle for the superficial shell Sydney keeps between them, though, and is determined to…

Break Down Sydney once and for all.



Brittney Coon graduated Magna Cum Laude from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science in Communication and a minor in Film and Media Production. Brittney has always been creative and turned to writing to share the stories playing through her head. In her spare time she reads, watches Friends, attends rock concerts, and hangs out with her cats. She currently lives in Arizona.


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Sunset Rivalry by Shannyn Leah (By The Lake Series - The Caliendo Resort Book #2)

sunset rivalry
Title: Sunset Rivalry
Author: Shannyn Leah
Series: By The Lake - The Caliendo Resort Book #2
Genre: Contemporary/New Adult Romance
Release Date: April 19th, 2016
Anya Caliendo left her family and their resort two years ago. She was ashamed and afraid that her family would blame her for some of their father’s ruthless dealings. Now she returns to the resort in secret to find files to clear her name, but she doesn’t plan on running into her one-time lover, Quinn.
Quinn used to work for Anya’s father too and he’s out to do the same as Anya – clear his name. When he runs into Anya, they strike a deal to help one another. Quinn wonders how he can trust a Caliendo to keep her word. Will she turn out to be just like her father?
Amid the secret meetings and late-night file searches, Anya and Quinn also fight a connection that seems to draw them closer and closer. Will they be able to clear their names and rekindle a romance or will their past destroy the future they so desperately seek?
"...just when you think you have figured it all out, there's another surprise thrown in. I was left guessing until the very end, which contained a twist I never saw coming." ~ Rochelle's Reviews

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Shannyn Leah

Shannyn Leah lives in London Ontario, Canada. She comes from an entrepreneurial family, who all have a passion for developing new and exciting business ideas. When she’s not writing contemporary romance books, into the early hours of the morning, she’s antiquing with her two favorite people, her momma and her sister.
Shannyn has published five books in her series, By the Lake, including, Lakeshore Secrets, Lakeshore Legend, Lakeshore Love, Lakeshore Candy, and Lakeshore Lyrics. She is excited to be currently working on the Caliendo Resort, a new series for 2015/2016.
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AMBER ALERT (Amber Alert Series) by Sara Schoen

AMBER ALERT (Amber Alert Series #1)

**Mature Content Warning** Recommended for ages 17+ due to violence and sensitive subject matter.

Anna was taken…

Taken from her home to live out a sick game that a guy has been playing for the last ten years.

With no certainty that anyone is looking for her, and seemingly hours away from home, she's forced to play housewife with a man that has had twelve other 'wives'.

Each of them now dead…

With 12 rules and the obvious exits blocked, from the previous girls attempts to flee. Is Anna’s only way out to play along and become a 'loving wife'? Or will she die during the chase?

Would anyone even know what happened to her?

Or would she be labeled as a runaway?

And where is she in the first place?

ABDUCTED (Amber Alert Series #2)

**Mature Content Warning** Recommended for ages 17+ due to violence and sensitive subject matter.

Audrey Thomas had been raised by overprotective parents and is sick of it…

After the kidnapping and recovery of her mother, Anna Cowles, eighteen years ago, parents had a harsh awakening as they realized any child could be taken for any reason.

New laws were set in place to protect children, but those same children ignored the rules and went out of their way to get into trouble.

Audrey has always done what she wanted, no matter what the consequences were…

But what happens when her choices lead her to being taken by the one man people feared everyday for the last eighteen years, right up to his execution.

Will she make it out like her mother did?

Or will she suffer the fate of the previous twelve girls?

APPREHENDED (Amber Alert Series #3)

**Mature Content Warning** Recommended for ages 17+ due to violence and sensitive subject matter.

There's a copycat on the loose…

He's playing the part of the notorious Steve Bennett, a serial kidnapper and killer.

Twelve known girls have already been taken from all over the country, but none have returned. With the orignial house of the mass kidnapper and murderer destroyed, where is he hiding the girls?

Jessi Sparks is about to find out for herself…

This is the case she’s been waiting for, and she won't let it slip through her fingers. She will risk everything to finally put an end to mass kidnappings.

But will she be risking her own life?

"No! Andy...please!"
I was roughly shoved into the back of  a black car. The door slammed shut, the front door opened soon after and he got in. There was a click, as the car was locked. He threw the car into forward, and took off at an insane speed leaving everyone I knew and cared for behind.
I watched in terror as trees whizzed by, leaving the familiar surroundings behind as the road went from pavement to dirt and the buildings were replaced with large trees and fallen branches. I didn't know where we were going, but I wanted to go home. The locks wouldn’t budge; the child safety lock prevented my escape the moment he had locked me in this god-forsaken car. I had lost my phone in the struggle, and I was stuck in here.
 There were scratch marks and dark spots on the seat. It looked as though someone had tried to claw their way out and I couldn't blame them. Every hair on my neck were standing on end with fear blazing through me. My throat was sore from the screaming, but all the drivers had ignored my pleas for help. They simply kept driving without another sideways glance in my direction.
"Where are you taking me?" I asked again, my voice hoarse from the screams and crying. It was answered the same way, with silence that slowly crept in and made me shudder.
"Shut up!'
"Where are we going?"
"Be a good girl and take orders. Now shut up!"
I wished more than anything to be back at home and under my bed, away from him. The road turned to gravel as we came upon a rundown house, its shudders were falling of the hinges, but what caught me was the windows were boarded up. To prevent escape, I felt a shiver travel up my spine as the car came to a slow stop.
He got out of the car and didn’t unlock the doors until he was at the door. That small click would have brought me relief at any point in the car ride other than now. I pushed against the other side of the car as he reached one long hand in and grabbed me by my ankle and roughly yank me out of the car on to the gravel. A scream ripped through my throat as the gravel cut into my skin and my head hit the side of the car.
"Get up!" he ordered. My head was spinning from everything that had happened, but when I didn't move, he moved me.
His hand grabbed take a large chunk of my hair before he lifted me out of the car, ignoring my cries of pain. He roughly dragged me to the house, I couldn't get my feet to walk and fell often.
The door was solid, he had to slam his body against the wooden blockade and force it open. There was a creak as it slowly opened from his blows, and he threw me inside onto the hardwood floor. There was no carpet, anywhere It would be possible to hear every step from anywhere in the home. The house was bare to the bones, the walls held no photos or phones, rooms remained empty of furniture unless it was bolted to the ground. A new wave of fear ripped through me in realization that he had done this before, he had taken precautions for it.

Sara Schoen began writing in middle school, but did not officially dedicate herself to writing until high school when encouraged by her writing partner. Before then, Sara had not thought about trying to publish her works because it seemed unlikely that anyone would take a chance on someone so young. Despite her previous thoughts, she published her first book, Amber Alert, at the age of nineteen, and began rewriting and editing a spy series that she spent years writing when she was younger. With a lot of hard work and determination, now that same series, which is close to her heart, is a bestseller.

Sara is a Biology Major with a minor in Environmental Science and a minor in Spanish at James Madison University, and spends her time writing, studying, and ghost hunting. While writing is a great hobby that turned into a passion to share with others, school is her priority.

Throughout her publishing journey, Sara has had an amazing support system from her family, friends, and significant other, who were with her every step of the way. She hopes to continue to write, and wants to inspire others to reach for their dreams no matter how far they may seem. She truly believes that dreams can come true at any age, if you put in effort and chase after what you want.

Social media links:
Twitter: @SaraNSchoen
Instagram: @Stolen_Glances

Sara Schoen

Guarded Secrets Series
Suicide Mission (FREE):
Covert Operations:

Waking Up Blank:

Sara Schoen and Taylor Henderson

The Dying Game:

Deadly Hallows:

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Shifted Under Construction (Bad Boy Alphas) by C.E. Black

Title: Shifted Under Construction (Bad Boy Alphas)

Author: C.E. Black

Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy Romance

Publisher: Secret Quill Press  

Bedroom eyes and rock hard abs make for yummy eye candy, but Harper Mattox knows a bad boy when she sees him. She’s been there, done that, and refuses to buy the T-shirt. The scar was enough of a souvenir.
When Harper agrees to be the temporary secretary at H&V Construction as a favor to her best friends’ husband, Adam Hughes, she thought her days would be spent behind the desk, organizing until her heart was content. She had no idea she’d have to put up with the walking sex-on-a-stick Christian Viera. AKA, her other boss. No matter how many times she turned him down, he just oozed more charm in her direction, weakening her knees, as well as her resolve. And it was only her first day! 
A threat on Harper’s life has Chris ready and willing to protect her, showing off an animalistic side she never knew existed. She’s known violence in her past and has no room for it in her life now. Is the fiery passion between them enough to stick it out? Can she accept him? Fur, claws, fangs, and all?



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“How ’bout I give you that tour. Grab a hat.” He jerked his chin toward the row of bright yellow hard hats hanging on the wall.
Holding open the door for me, he waited as I glanced back at Adam to find him sitting comfortably on the edge of my desk, smiling as he whispered into the phone. Shaking my head, I followed Chris out of the trailer and into the warm sunlight. I would have rather waited for Adam. There was something about Chris that made me uncomfortable. He was dangerous, for sure, but I didn’t believe he’d hurt me. Physically, at least.  He was one of my bosses though, so it was best to go along.
“So,” he began as we walked. “You’re friends with Nikki?”
“Since grade school.”
“You weren’t at the wedding. I would have remembered seeing someone as beautiful as you.”
When my steps faltered, he reached out to grip my elbow so I wouldn’t fall. “Thanks.” I shook my head and pulled my arm away.
Clumsy much, Harper? It was just a compliment. A fake one at that. “You’re a charmer, aren’t you?”
“Maybe. But everything I say is a hundred percent true.” He grinned when I rolled my eyes. “So, why weren’t you at the wedding?”
“Personal reasons.”
“Falling out between friends? Did you steal Nikki’s boyfriend or eat all her chocolate or something?”
“What? No.” I shook my head. “There was a family emergency.”
“Oh, sorry. Everything okay?”
I ran a finger over the line of raised skin just under my ear and shivered at the memory it produced. “It is now,” I whispered.
His brows furrowed as he looked down at me with concern. “Want to elaborate?”
“No, I don’t.”
“Fair enough.” He nodded and turned away. “Let’s get this tour over with. We both have work to do.” His tone was clipped, but the tension in my shoulders eased.
“Hey!” Adam yelled. “I said I would give her the tour.” He gave Chris a pointed look as he caught up to us.
“It’s no problem, ” Chris snapped, coming toe-to-toe with Adam.
I looked back and forth, watching as they stared one another down. Eventually, Chris nodded, and without another word to me, walked back toward the trailer.
“Sorry about that.” Adam motioned for me to walk with him. “I have to warn you, Chris is a great guy, but he’s a bit of a player. I’m warning you now, he’ll try hitting on you. It’s best not to go there.”
“You have nothing to fear,” I assured him with a smile. “I have no interest at all.”
“Good.” He sighed. “I mean, he’s my best friend. And I don’t want you to think badly of him. He really is a nice guy. But you and Nikki are close. I feel like I should give you a little warning. Relationships aren’t Chris’ strong suit.”
I held up a hand. “No need to explain. I get it. And, like I said, you have nothing to worry about. He’s not even close to being my type.” I smiled as the lie slipped easily from my lips. He was exactly my type, but I decided months before to change what I found attractive. No more bad boys. Boring, safe, and sweet were now at the top of my list.

C.E. Black self-published her first book in 2011 and has since published several novels, novellas, and short stories. Though she began her writing career in the Paranormal Romance genre, she found her niche in erotic PNR/Fantasy with her breakout novel, Shifted Temptations. What started out as a standalone romance, became the Amazon best selling Alpha Division series. Though steamy romance, hunky heroes, and feisty heroines are C.E.'s specialty, she enjoys surprising her readers with action-filled plots and exciting twists that makes for a fast-paced read.
For information on her novels and other works, visit, and grab your FREE download of her bestselling novel, Shifted Temptations.

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Saving Kendrix (The Fae Guard #5) Author: Elle Christensen

Title: Saving Kendrix (The Fae Guard #5)
Author: Elle Christensen
Release Date: March 23, 2016
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I’ve lived in shadows all of my life
Feeling empty, but never knowing what I was truly missing
I’ve been taught to hide my talents and be invisible
Until Kendrix walks into my life and sees me. All of me.
I know he is my destiny, but he is holding himself back
There is something he isn’t telling me
I’m afraid when the truth comes out, it will tear us apart


I made a choice to give up my soul and forever alter my destiny
I embraced abilities that I’d kept hidden
But they don’t make up for what I’ve lost
It seems a cruel trick of Fate that I finally met the one who was meant to be mine
And yet, I can never have her
My job is to deceive Alysia and ultimately, to give her up
But the darkness calls to me
Tempting me to hide in the shadows with her forever 
I’m a lover of all things books, a hopeless romantic, and have always had a passion for writing. Between being a sappy romantic, my love of an HEA, my crazy imagination, and ok, let’s be real, my dirty mind, I fell easily into writing romance. 

I’m a huge baseball fan and yet, a complete girly, girl. I’m an obsessive reader and have a slight (hahaha! Slight? Yeah, right) addiction to signed books. 
I’m married to my very own book boyfriend, an alpha male with a sexy, sweet side. He is the best inspiration, my biggest supporter and the love of my life. He is also incredibly patient and understanding about the fact that he has to fight the voices in my head for my attention. 

I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoyed writing them!