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99c/99p SALE (Feb 22- 28th) Turning Payne

99c/99p SALE (Feb 22- 28th) Turning Payne

"Sizzle and burn, twist and turn, Chantel Seabrook has conjured up another hotter than blazes romance with Turning Payne." Dii, Top 500 Reviewer


Turning Payne is a stand-alone novel, and can be enjoyed even if you haven't read other books in the series. 

Agent Turner Payne, lion shifter, has dedicated his career to bringing down the man responsible for the deaths of hundreds of metamorphs. His world is turned upside-down when he crosses paths with his mortal enemy's daughter, Riley, and she becomes the victim of her own father's latest experiment. Riley has to decide whom she can trust--if anyone, and Turner must go against Therian law to protect her. But at what cost? 

Chantel Seabrook's Turning Payne is a paranormal romance full of sexual tension, action and excitement. 

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Wicked For You (Infamous) by Erzabet Bishop

True love awaits. Passion burns bright…

Carrick is an Alpha werewolf preparing for the annual Pack Gathering. Pack law dictates he must have a mate by his thirty-sixth year or forfeit his rule. But what if he’s already found her and lost her in a swirl of cinnamon-scented dreams? Can this Alpha brave a sea of single wolfy females to find the one woman who enchanted his heart?

She’s a kitty girl, in a wolfy world…

Sage is the curvy owner of the Hot Whips Café. Bound by pack law, even as an adopted cat, she must attend the Gathering for the Alpha to select a new mate. Heading to a wolf ball isn’t high on her list of fun activities, but damned if she can’t get the image of a certain amber-eyed wolf out of her head.

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Erzabet Bishop is an award winning author who loves to write naughty stories. She is the author of Lipstick, Dinner Date, Crave, Hedging Her Bets, Red Hot, The Science of Lust, Arcane Imaginarium: Spirit Board, Holidays in Hell, Mallory's Mark (upcoming 2016),The Devil's Due (upcoming 2016), Charity Benshaw's Enchanted Paddle Emporium (upcoming 2016), Sigil Fire, Glitter Lust (upcoming 2016), Written on Skin, Club Beam, Pomegranate, A Red Dress for Christmas, The Black Magic Café, Fantasies in Red, Wicked for You, Sweet Seductions: The Erzabet Bishop Collection, Holiday Cruise, Fetish Fair, Temptation Resorts: Jess, Temptation Resorts: Marnie, Taming the Beast, The Erotic Pagans Series: Beltane Fires, Samhain Shadows and Yuletide Temptation along with being a contributor to many anthologies. Erzabet has been a finalist in the GCLS awards for 2014 and 2015. She has also been nominated for the Golden Flogger Award for Crave. She lives in Texas with her husband, furry children and can often be found lurking in local bookstores. She loves to bake, make naughty crochet projects and watch monster movies. When she isn't writing, she loves to review music and books.

Follow her reviews and posts on Twitter @erzabetbishop.


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Goodreads Book Giveaway - Paperback Copy of Turning Payne

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Turning Payne by Chantel Seabrook

Turning Payne

by Chantel Seabrook

Giveaway ends April 23, 2016.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

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Sunset Rivalry by Shannyn Leah - Cover Reveal

sunset rivalry

Title: Sunset Rivalry
Author: Shannyn Leah
Series: By The Lake - The Caliendo Resort Book #2
Genre: Contemporary/New Adult Romance

Release Date: April 19th, 2016

Sunset Rivalry

Anya Caliendo left her family and their resort two years ago. She was ashamed and afraid that her family would blame her for some of their father’s ruthless dealings. Now she returns to the resort in secret to find files to clear her name, but she doesn’t plan on running into her one-time lover, Quinn.

Quinn used to work for Anya’s father too and he’s out to do the same as Anya – clear his name. When he runs into Anya, they strike a deal to help one another. Quinn wonders how he can trust a Caliendo to keep her word. Will she turn out to be just like her father?

Amid the secret meetings and late-night file searches, Anya and Quinn also fight a connection that seems to draw them closer and closer. Will they be able to clear their names and rekindle a romance or will their past destroy the future they so desperately seek?

Shannyn Leah

Shannyn Leah lives in London Ontario, Canada. She comes from an entrepreneurial family, who all have a passion for developing new and exciting business ideas. When she’s not writing contemporary romance books, into the early hours of the morning, she’s antiquing with her two favorite people, her momma and her sister.

Shannyn has published five books in her series, By the Lake, including, Lakeshore Secrets, Lakeshore Legend, Lakeshore Love, Lakeshore Candy, and Lakeshore Lyrics. She is excited to be currently working on the Caliendo Resort, a new series for 2015/2016.

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Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card - Rafflecopter

WIN a $25 Amazon Gift Card

Dark Vortex: Mated by Magic 

Shameless Cravings. Wicked Pleasures. Can she survive a bond more powerful than love?

For the survival of his clan, Jack Fialko needs to mate with a witch of equal power before the end of the solstice. He finds the perfect woman, except for one serious flaw. She has no idea how to engage in the dangerous magical foreplay-the duel for sexual equality. The task of training her in two days seems insurmountable, especially while other warriors are trying to kidnap her.

Zoe is a warrior-healer hybrid. The trouble is, she has no idea what that means. It's all a harmless game until one night a dominant, brooding, sexy-as-sin warrior touches her and ignites a shameless craving to mate. Zoe must decide if the scorching chemistry between them is worth fighting for.

Can love and lust exist together in an exhilarating magical combination? Or will their bond combust?


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war/SONG: Hymnal I by Vanessa Gravenstein

War has come to Thunder Bay. With magi encroaching upon the vampire stronghold, Luca cel Rau must fulfill his duty to protect the younger vampires who are reliant upon his ancient strength. But when he finds a bruised but defiant human woman outside their lair, it is more than duty driving him to protect her — and she might very well be a liability and distraction he can’t afford. 

war/SONG is a serial of short stories and should be read in consecutive order. Themes of domestic violence and self-harming.

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Vanessa Gravenstein is a contemporary paranormal and romance author. Originally from the Hudson Valley, she attended Russell Sage College before moving to North Carolina. Vanessa currently lives in Nashville with her actor-comedian fiancé Evan, their son Jack, and three dogs.

My Ghostly Valentine: A Haunting Paranormal Romantic Comedy (Banshee Creek Book 4) by Ani Gonzalez

Town baker Patricia O'Dare wants to buy the famous, but sadly derelict, Rosemoor Bed & Breakfast, and turn it into a luxurious teashop. Only one thing stands in her way, bad boy restaurateur Zach Franco who wants the building so he can expand his pizza empire. Add a pesky ghost that seems to dislike the idea of having its home turned into a restaurant, and Banshee Creek’s first Valentine Day’s Ball and things get dicey pretty fast.

All's fair in love and war, specially where the incorrigible Zach Franco is concerned, but as the fight over the Rosemoor heats up, Patricia fears that she may be winning the battle, but losing her chance at love.

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Warning: This book contains a sexy, unreformed bad boy, an uptight baker ready to let loose, and a bunch of troublesome ghosts. Things get steamy really quick so watch out!


The low, moaning sound stopped her in her tracks. It seeped from the elegant brick building that housed the Banshee Creek Historical Preservation Committee like a plea from a lost soul.
Patricia O’Dare paused in front of the building, shivering in her down coat, and listened. The morning was unusually chilly -- it was February and the town was suffering a vicious cold snap -- and Main Street was quiet. Well, quiet except for this one eerie sound.
Yep, definitely moaning. But it was coming from the building next door, a Second Empire house with purple shingles and neon-green trim. She walked toward the building's front porch, following the sound.
The mansard-roofed structure looked like a classic haunted house, which was why the guys from Paranormal Research of Virginia Enterprises -- PRoVE, for short -- chose it for their headquarters. The paranormies, as the town called them, gutted the house and updated it, turning it into a comfortable, if slightly creepy, workplace. But to PRoVE's disappointment the house turned out not to be haunted, not even a little bit. Oh, the boys claimed that the house had all sorts of supernatural protections and whatnot, but that was it.
Their little town of Banshee Creek was known as The Most Haunted Town in the U.S.A., and pretty much every single building, outhouse or shack had a weird tale or a paranormal critter associated with it.
But not this one.
Not that Patricia believed any of the stories. She was a level-headed person, a practical small-business owner. The kind of girl who wore sensible rubber boots and functional winter hats. She knew the spooky tales were pure hogwash. Sure, strange things happened in their town, but…
Another moan oozed out of the house.
She frowned. That did not sound creepy at all. It sounded like someone, a real flesh and blood person, who was hurt. Oh, for Pete's sake, what did the paranormies do this time? She took her phone out of her handbag and dialed.
Strange things happened in Banshee Creek, and when they did you reached for the phone.
"Fire & Rescue hotline, what's your emergency?" the honeyed Southern voice answered after one ring.
"Hi, it's Patricia from the bakery. I'm standing in front of 66 Main Street, it sounds like someone is hurt inside."
The statement was greeted with...silence. A very particular kind of silence, one with a sharp edge of annoyance.
"Not this again," the operator sighed. "Are you inside the house?"
"No, I'm on the sidewalk, standing right in front of it."
"Then how do you know someone is hurt?" The operator's voice fairly dripped with disbelief.
"I can hear the moaning," Patricia explained, trying to curb her impatience. What was going on? Fire & Rescue was usually very good about responding to emergency calls. The day her oven exploded, they'd shown up in a couple of minutes. The night her cat got stuck in the neighbor's gutter, they brought a truck and a ladder and rescued her without a peep. Why were they being so hesitant now?
"The alarm has not been triggered," the operator noted. "So doesn't look like a break-in. Are you sure it's not a recording?" 
"A what?"
"A recording," the operator repeated in a tone that spoke of long, unrelieved suffering. "Those videos of theirs can sound really creepy and they play them over and over for editing. They like to get the sounds just right."
"I take it you've been called about this before?"
"If I had a nickel..." the operator's voice trailed off. "Oh well, I guess we'd better check it out. I just hope it's not another Hammer Film reenactment. The corn syrup sticks to canvas like you wouldn't believe. Thanks a lot, we'll be in touch if we need more information."
The operator hung up. Fire & Rescue, Patricia guessed, would take its own sweet time answering this call. She could understand why. The paranormies did a lot of strange stuff and the local fire brigade was usually stuck cleaning up most of it. She could understand their reluctance.
But this was different. That moan didn't sound recorded, and there were no other sounds coming out of the house. This wasn't a bunch of PRoVE staffers trying out their werewolf howls.
Someone was in trouble.
She stared at the now-silent house then glanced down at the manila envelope in her hands. She didn't have time to investigate the sound, she told herself. She had to meet her deadline.
Another soft moan, this time louder, came out of the house. The sound made shivers run down her spine.
Nope, that was definitely not a recording. She put her phone back in her handbag and marched quickly up the porch steps. The PRoVE headquarters had a first-responder's kit and she had an up-to-date CPR certification. If someone was hurt in there she'd be able to help.
And if it was a recording, she'd call Fire & Rescue and tell them that it was a false alarm.
She grabbed the metal handle and pushed the heavy wooden door. It opened smoothly, there were no creaking doors in PRoVE's high-tech abode, which was suspicious in and of itself. Why was the door open? Had someone broken in?
She examined the lock. It was a complicated technical contraption with a keypad and sensors. The screen glowed with a steady green light and she couldn't see any scratches or dents. No one had tampered with this lock.
She peered cautiously into the dark foyer. "Hello?" she shouted. "Anybody here?"
Her question echoed in the empty room, followed by an ominous silence. She stepped into the foyer and looked around. The place seemed empty.
"Caine?" she called out. "Cassie? Anyone?"
No answer. The house was dark and quiet, seemingly empty. 
She found a light switch and flipped it. Light flooded the room, revealing dark wood paneling, lavender-colored walls, and colorful floor tiles. The tiles looked original to the house -- no self-respecting decorator would pick purple and green tendrils as a design motif -- and they looked appropriately eccentric. A Latin phrase was stenciled on the purple walls -- Latet Enim Veritas. Patricia had no idea what that meant, but it looked impressive.
But the Latin script was the only noteworthy item in the house. As far as she could tell, it was an empty husk.
She was about to turn around and leave when she heard a muffled sound, almost a whimper. The pitiful moan stopped her in her tracks. 
She walked on, trying to find the source of the moaning. The PRoVE headquarters was surprisingly organized and professional. The organization had kept the house's original moldings and floors, but the walls were covered with whiteboards and screens and the furniture, mostly conference tables and chairs with the occasional couch thrown in, was modern and functional. The first floor rooms were filled with computers and audiovisual equipment, with a couple of signs warning "Look With Your Eyes, Not With Your Hand, Unless You're An Old One" and "You Break It, You Buy It...With Your Soul."
They were completely devoid of life. There was no one here. Not even the interns who she knew were often stuck well into the night doing video editing. They usually showed up at the bakery at the crack of dawn, eager for coffee and sugary pastries. This morning, however, they were nowhere to be seen.
She walked back to the foyer, feeling foolish. It must have been a recording, some equipment that was left turned on. She was going to have to call the Fire & Rescue operator and apologize. 
The thumping sounds began when she reached the foyer. She paused and looked up. The moaning started again. Where the noises coming from upstairs? 
She considered the situation. The door was unlocked and there was no sign of forced entry. The alarm had not been triggered. The house was neat and organized and the group's expensive equipment was untouched. 
Odds of a break-in: Nil.
Odds that this was a paranormie prank gone wrong: Quite Good.
Still, it didn't hurt to be prepared for the worst. She went back to the main room and checked the supply cabinets. She found cameras, lanterns, boxes full of fancy granola bars...and bingo. She grabbed a large industrial strength flashlight. The thing weighed a ton and could easily double as a club. It would do nicely.
She walked up to the carved wooden staircase. A large stained-glass window shed multicolored sunbeams onto the landing, giving the house an eerie air. The low moaning continued, growing more urgent.
She climbed up the steps, reaching the second floor landing. More wood paneling, more purple wallpaper. The doors to the rooms were closed and they had small signs providing guests with important information such as "Audio Room," "Video Room," "Specimen Room -- keep out, yes this means you." She paused to listen. The sounds came from the specimen room.
She stared at the door. What were the paranormies keeping in there? It could be anything. Last spring they'd captured a chupacabra specimen that had, after a sulfur bath and copious amounts of gourmet dog food, turned out to be a mangy spitz dog. The dog, nicknamed Chupi, now served as PRoVE's semi-official mascot and Patricia made him special liver biscuits every week. Chupi, however, wasn't in town. He was with one of the PRoVE crew filming somewhere in Eastern Europe. Hungary? Transylvania? 
A loud crash made her jump. It was followed by more frustrated moaning. 
She held on to the flashlight, knuckles white, and stepped forward. She turned the engraved metal handle and pushed. The door opened smoothly, with no creaks.  
The room was shadowed, with only the slightest glimmer of light coming from a small window. She sniffed the air, detecting a spicy, heavy smell. Ugh. She turned on the flashlight and swept it around the room. The industrial metal shelves held stainless steel boxes and metal crates full of jars and a bunch of framed insect specimens hung on the walls. A large cage sat on the floor, its side dented.  
She stared at the metal contraption, alarmed. Who knew what the paranormies stashed in there? Another mangy dog? A raptor bird? Rats? It could be anything at all.
She inched forward, flashlight raised. A dull, metallic sound came from an empty corner. It sounded like a chain of some kind, which was reassuring. The...thing could, apparently, be contained. She kept the empty cage between her and the source of the sound. It would provide some cover in case the creature attacked her. 
She gasped with surprise as the glow of the flashlight fell on a prone figure on the floor. A human figure. A, thankfully, live human figure.
And one she recognized instantly.
He was tall and muscled and very naked. Mystical symbols, drawn in garish purple paint, covered his skin and spent candles surrounded his very naked body. His very muscular naked body.
She felt herself blush. Whatever she'd expected it wasn't this.
Not that she hadn't seen naked men before. She'd plenty. Well, a few, enough not to dissolve in front of an attractive male body no matter how toned and tight and...big it might be.
There was just something about this particular man. She tried to breathe...and found she couldn't. Her throat was tight and her heart was pounding so hard it felt as if it were about to burst out of her chest. 
Why did it have to be this man?
He'd bent his leg to give himself a small measure of privacy and the pose gave a clear view of the long scar on his thigh. A second scar, somewhat smaller, marred his right arm. He was awake and his eyes flashed angrily. But he didn't say anything. He couldn't because a large piece of metallic duct tape covered his mouth.
It was Zach Franco. 
And the town's bad boy was not in a good mood.
Shock and nerves got the best of her and she did the same thing she did whenever she was scared or nervous.
She laughed.

NEW RELEASE: Doll by Miracle Austin

Welcome to Frost High; I bet you've heard about or currently may be attending. 

Small school, lots of secrets, a popular mean girl, Pepper Fox, and of course a few outcasts--Tomie Dupuy, Sarifena Green, and Opal Dawn--who all shined on Pepper's tormented list, since junior high. Opal shined the brightest. 

Tomie, Sari, and Opal made a pact and traveled to Monroe Creek, Louisiana with the goal to end their torment in an untraditional way. 

Sometimes things don't end up, as we wish. Fate always possesses a way to redirect everything. 

Will they finally find the solution to their agonizing problem or will all spiral out of control, as they never anticipated? 


"Doll is a frightening 5-star read with enough scary voodoo magic to give just the right amount of twists and turns."  ~Brandy Corona, best-selling author of Midnight Outbreak

About the Author

Miracle Austin works in the social work world by day and the writer’s world at night and weekends. She’s a YA/NA cross-genre author; adults also enjoy her works. She’s been writing ever since first hearing Drive by The Cars in junior high, which has been one of her biggest inspirations. She rediscovered her writing passion, recently. Her first mini-story, PENS, appeared in
Horror/suspense are her favorite genres, but not limited to. She enjoys writing diverse flashes, short stories, and longer works, while threading various social awareness themes into her stories, at times. Boundless will be her second debut work, which will be a YA/NA eclectic short story collection. She enjoys creating playlists that inspire some of her stories and enjoys attending diverse book festivals and comic cons, where she has been so honored to be one of the panelists on some. The highlights of attending the above functions include opportunities to hang out with author friends and meet new authors/readers. Miracle is currently working on future works and resides in Texas with her family. 
Feel free to contact Miracle anytime and follow her on all the social media outlets. She enjoys communicating with her readers. 
FaceBook: Miracle Austin Author 
Twitter: @MiracleAustin7 
InstaGram: MiracleAustin7

P.A.W.S. by Debbie Manber Kupfer

When Miri receives a silver cat charm from her omama on the night before she dies she has no idea that the charm holds a secret, a powerful magic that saved her omama’s life and is about to make Miri’s a whole lot more interesting.

Buy on Amazon

Excerpt of P.A.W.S. by Debbie Manber Kupfer
Vienna, October 2, 1941.
Today was Celia’s tenth birthday. This was not how she imagined celebrating it. She was with her family – her mama, Miriam; her papa, David; her elder brother, Issel; and her baby sister, Sara. They were huddled together in the back room of their tiny two-room apartment in Grosse Spielgasse, in the dark, barely breathing.
Outside the building, the boot steps got nearer and nearer. Celia heard shouting, screaming, gunshots. She crouched down even closer to the ground, wishing that somehow they could all melt away into the shadows. Celia clutched her cat, Max, tightly in her arms, feeling his warmth, his soft tabby fur close to her skin, willing him to stay quiet.
Her mama cradled little Sara at her breast, nursing her so she would not cry out. Outside, the pounding footsteps were getting closer, closer: “Juden, Juden, Heraus, Heraus, Schnell, Schnell!” Now they were at the door of the neighbors – the Wassersteins. She heard crying and a single gunshot.
Miriam beckoned to her. “Celia, mein Katzerl, come here,” she whispered. “I have something for you, for your birthday.”
Celia approached Miriam cautiously, still clutching Max to her. “What is it, Mama?” she asked, gazing into Miriam’s blue, blue eyes. She studied her prematurely wrinkled face, memorizing every crease. Mama, my mama, she thought.
Still holding baby Sara with her left hand, Miriam reached around the back of her neck with her right and unclasped the chain that she always wore beneath her clothes, close to her heart. It was a silver chain with a cat charm on it. “Take this, Celia, mein Katzerl. Wear it always, and remember I love you. Ich liebe dich.”
“I love you, Mama,” Celia whispered as she fastened the chain around her neck just as the doors burst open. Six Gestapo soldiers rushed into their home – “Juden, Heraus, Heraus, Schnell, Schnell...” Celia watched as her family was herded out of the door.

P.A.W.S. -
Twitter - @CiciCat42

About the Author 

Debbie grew up in the UK in the East London suburb of Barking. She has lived in Israel, New York and North Carolina and somehow ended up in St. Louis, where for the last 14 years she has worked as a freelance puzzle constructor of word puzzles and logic problems. She lives with her husband, two children and a very opinionated feline. She believes that with enough tea and dark chocolate you can achieve anything!

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One of the best Fantasy Series of 2015 - The Tainted Accords

Short blurb from Fantasy of Frost:

I know many things; what I am capable of, what I will change, what I want to become. But there is one thing I will never know. When the peace delegate arrives from the savage world of Glacium, I am unaware everything in my life is about to change. Hidden agendas, past secrets and my struggle stay alive, while still becoming the person I want to be, careen wildly out of control.

Follow links:                                             

Buy Links:

Kelly's Aspiring Authors blog at this link:!aspiring-authors/cph5

When Kelly St Clare is not reading or writing, she is lost in her latest reverie. She can, quite literally, drift past a car accident while in the midst of her day dreams, despite the various police sirens and chaos. 

Books have always been magical and mysterious to her. One day she decided to start unravelling this mystery and began writing. Her aim: To write stories she would want to read. As it turns out, this failed miserably. Do you know what it is like to read something you've written? Impossible, that's what. Not to mention, the ending is ruined before you've begun. Never-the-less, Kelly loves it and wishes she had more time to squeeze it in between her day job as a physiotherapist.

Fantasy of Frost, the first title in The Tainted Accords, is her debut novel. It's sequel, Fantasy of Flight, was released on May 24th, 2015. Fantasy of Fire is due for release January 2016!

A New Zealander in origin and in heart, Kelly currently resides in Australia with her soon-to-be husband, a great group of friends, and some huntsman spiders who love to come inside when it rains. Their love is not returned.

Fav quote: Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint on broken glass.
Fav Song: I believe in a thing called love - The Darkness


Looking for a Bear Naked Valentine?

Buy on Amazon

One Feisty Cop. One Sexy Bear. One Valentine's Date... What could possibly go wrong? 

Detective Lucy Mason has been on one disastrous date after another, and is ready to give up the hunt for true love when her best-friend guilts her into trying one last dating site, FureverMates. With thoughts of only supporting her friend, Lucy can't believe her luck when she actually gets asked out on the most romantic night of the year. But it all seems too good to be true... 

Chris Forrest is everything she ever hoped for; funny, sweet, and smouldering, but she can’t help but feel he’s on the wrong side of the law and hiding some deep dark secret. 

Will Chris turn out to be another thug? And can Lucy stop arresting her dates long enough to find everlasting love?

---- Extract ----

“Oh my god, Frankie! Someone responded!” I squealed from the couch. I wasn’t due in for another couple of hours, and Frankie had come round early for breakfast as she was wont to do when we both had the mornings free.

“Let me see!” she said and came sliding in from the kitchenette, skidding on the floor in her socks.

I handed over the phone and with a couple of taps she’d pulled up the guy’s profile.

“Ooh, rugged. Love the day-old beard,” she said, almost drooling, and I couldn’t agree more. He was just my type, but then I remembered my type always seemed to let me down, one way or the other.

“Perhaps since you like him you should speak to him?”

“No way, finders keepers,” she said and put the mobile back into my hand. “But let’s send up a little prayer that there is another one just like that out there for me.”

We bowed our heads for a quick moment then burst into giggles.

“Go on, don’t leave him hanging. Say something.”

I stared at the small screen and nibbled at my lip. “But what?”

“Just be yourself, and if he doesn’t love you for it… then he’s an idiot.”

Frankie pulled me into a hug and kissed me on the cheek. “Gotta get going before I’m late and the lunch-crowd turns up.”

I pouted, we were supposed to be in this together, but I couldn’t exactly tell her to skip work to hold my hand. No, I was a big girl, with big-girl pants and everything, and I could handle one insanely hot dude. Well, at least I could if my hands would stop trembling.

“Okay, have a good shift!” I called to her as she was halfway out the door.

“I will, and let me know what happens!”

The door slammed shut and I let out a big breath. “Just me and you, Lumberjack.”

I wondered if he truly was a lumberjack… his profile said he was over six feet tall and if the partial glimpse of his shoulder and neck muscles in his headshot was anything to go on then it was very possible.

Lucy-Cakes: I thought no-one was going to answer. Glad you did, though!

The cursor blinked, and it seemed to take an age before my phone vibrated in my hands to let me know he’d responded. He was either a very busy man or an extremely slow typer, but I tried not to take it personally.

Chris-theLumberJack: Me too. But I hope you can forgive me because I have a bit of a confession to make.

Alarm bells started ringing and I was hesitant to continue on. What on earth did he have to confess about so early on?

Dark Vortex: Mated by Magic by Stella Marie Alden and Chantel Seabrook

Shameless Cravings. Wicked Pleasures. Can she survive a bond more powerful than love? 

Shameless Cravings. Wicked Pleasures. Can she survive a bond more powerful than love? 

For the survival of his clan, Jack Fialko needs to mate with a witch of equal power before the end of the solstice. He finds the perfect woman, except for one serious flaw. She has no idea how to engage in the dangerous magical foreplay–the duel for sexual equality. The task of training her in two days seems insurmountable, especially while other warriors are trying to kidnap her. 

Zoe is a warrior-healer hybrid. The trouble is, she has no idea what that means. It’s all a harmless game until one night a dominant, brooding, sexy-as-sin warrior touches her and ignites a shameless craving to mate. Zoe must decide if the scorching chemistry between them is worth fighting for. 

Can love and lust exist together in an exhilarating magical combination? Or will their bond combust?

Buy on Amazon

Unforgettable Lover: Worlds of Lemuria: Earth Colony by Rosalie Redd

The Betram ritual, when the full moon occurs on the summer solstice, is a sexual rite—and a requirement—for all unbonded Stiyaha of age. The irresistible urge to mate drives their inner beasts. Some succumb and transform, while others hide behind masks. None can escape the compelling need. 

For Leonna, Betram offers one night of freedom from a destiny she doesn’t want. Eager to participate, she’s drawn to a formidable male whose tenderness burrows into her soul. Despite discovering she’s below his status, she is caught up in their passionate frenzy, and loses her heart to a male she can never have. 

Though reluctant, as an unbonded male, Prince Nicholai must participate in the Betram ritual. Because he fears harming anyone he gets close to, he dons his mask and vows to stay in human form. What he doesn’t expect is the intensity of his hunger for a certain honeyed female hidden behind a disguise. As much as he longs to forget her, he can’t, for she’s unforgettable.

Buy on Amazon

About the Author 

After finishing a rewarding career in finance and accounting, it was time for Rosalie Redd to put away the spreadsheets and take out the word processor. She writes Fantasy/Science Fiction Romance inspired by classics from the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres layered with a good, hot dose of romance.

Her debut novel, Untouchable Lover, won or was a finalist in several contests sponsored by local chapters of Romance Writers of America.

She lives in Oregon, where rain is just another excuse to keep writing. When not at her computer, you can find her at Jazzercise, waterfall collecting in the Pacific Northwest, or relaxing with her husband and their pesky cat, Snookums.

Falling Rain (The Southwest Illinois Pack Book 1) by Crystal Dawn

Laurel is sad and lonely since she met Rain and had to leave him behind. She thought it was something special but she’ll admit she doesn’t understand males especially wolves. 
Rain has been trying to reach Laurel but it seems she has frozen him out. His calls aren’t answered and the emails that come back to him are cold and business like. Is it a case of out of sight out of mind? 

It seems there are forces at work that don’t want them together and danger lurks around every corner. Can they fight through all the trouble that heads their way and defeat it? Can they overcome the others that would change them and claim them? Are they really true mates or just infatuated? Come along for the ride as their story takes twists and turns that surprise even Rain and Laurel. 

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Bear Naked for Valentine's by Edith Hawkes

One Feisty Cop. One Sexy Bear. One Valentine's Date... What could possibly go wrong? 

Detective Lucy Mason has been on one disastrous date after another, and is ready to give up the hunt for true love when her best-friend guilts her into trying one last dating site, FureverMates. With thoughts of only supporting her friend, Lucy can't believe her luck when she actually gets asked out on the most romantic night of the year. But it all seems too good to be true... 

Chris Forrest is everything she ever hoped for; funny, sweet, and smouldering, but she can’t help but feel he’s on the wrong side of the law and hiding some deep dark secret. 

Will Chris turn out to be another thug? And can Lucy stop arresting her dates long enough to find everlasting love? 

Bear Naked for Valentine's is a holiday novella set with the Scarfell Mountain community, in amongst the Bear Oaks clan. It has hot and steamy scenes, and features a guaranteed Happy Ending and no cliffhanger.

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Queen of the Hollow by Jacci DeVera

Calla is a young shifter, the only female within miles High Lonesome, her small southern West Virginia hometown. Her mother had managed to keep her safe from the bounty of male mountain lions in the past, but now Calla finds herself alone and without a protector...and the moon is full. 

Haben hasn’t been able to get close to Calla since their first meeting, right around Valentine’s Day. When he shows up at her house a year later, he finds the wounded spit-fire determined for him to keep his distance - despite his instinct to keep her safe. 

Calla must choose to either place her trust and safety to an outsider, or fight off every male mountain lion between here and Charleston with just her wits and a shotgun. The stakes are high and the numbers are against them. Even if they prevail, will Calla be able to keep her heart safe from her protector till sunrise?

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