Sunday, February 14, 2016

war/SONG: Hymnal I by Vanessa Gravenstein

War has come to Thunder Bay. With magi encroaching upon the vampire stronghold, Luca cel Rau must fulfill his duty to protect the younger vampires who are reliant upon his ancient strength. But when he finds a bruised but defiant human woman outside their lair, it is more than duty driving him to protect her — and she might very well be a liability and distraction he can’t afford. 

war/SONG is a serial of short stories and should be read in consecutive order. Themes of domestic violence and self-harming.

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Vanessa Gravenstein is a contemporary paranormal and romance author. Originally from the Hudson Valley, she attended Russell Sage College before moving to North Carolina. Vanessa currently lives in Nashville with her actor-comedian fiancé Evan, their son Jack, and three dogs.

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