Saturday, February 13, 2016

Looking for a Bear Naked Valentine?

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One Feisty Cop. One Sexy Bear. One Valentine's Date... What could possibly go wrong? 

Detective Lucy Mason has been on one disastrous date after another, and is ready to give up the hunt for true love when her best-friend guilts her into trying one last dating site, FureverMates. With thoughts of only supporting her friend, Lucy can't believe her luck when she actually gets asked out on the most romantic night of the year. But it all seems too good to be true... 

Chris Forrest is everything she ever hoped for; funny, sweet, and smouldering, but she can’t help but feel he’s on the wrong side of the law and hiding some deep dark secret. 

Will Chris turn out to be another thug? And can Lucy stop arresting her dates long enough to find everlasting love?

---- Extract ----

“Oh my god, Frankie! Someone responded!” I squealed from the couch. I wasn’t due in for another couple of hours, and Frankie had come round early for breakfast as she was wont to do when we both had the mornings free.

“Let me see!” she said and came sliding in from the kitchenette, skidding on the floor in her socks.

I handed over the phone and with a couple of taps she’d pulled up the guy’s profile.

“Ooh, rugged. Love the day-old beard,” she said, almost drooling, and I couldn’t agree more. He was just my type, but then I remembered my type always seemed to let me down, one way or the other.

“Perhaps since you like him you should speak to him?”

“No way, finders keepers,” she said and put the mobile back into my hand. “But let’s send up a little prayer that there is another one just like that out there for me.”

We bowed our heads for a quick moment then burst into giggles.

“Go on, don’t leave him hanging. Say something.”

I stared at the small screen and nibbled at my lip. “But what?”

“Just be yourself, and if he doesn’t love you for it… then he’s an idiot.”

Frankie pulled me into a hug and kissed me on the cheek. “Gotta get going before I’m late and the lunch-crowd turns up.”

I pouted, we were supposed to be in this together, but I couldn’t exactly tell her to skip work to hold my hand. No, I was a big girl, with big-girl pants and everything, and I could handle one insanely hot dude. Well, at least I could if my hands would stop trembling.

“Okay, have a good shift!” I called to her as she was halfway out the door.

“I will, and let me know what happens!”

The door slammed shut and I let out a big breath. “Just me and you, Lumberjack.”

I wondered if he truly was a lumberjack… his profile said he was over six feet tall and if the partial glimpse of his shoulder and neck muscles in his headshot was anything to go on then it was very possible.

Lucy-Cakes: I thought no-one was going to answer. Glad you did, though!

The cursor blinked, and it seemed to take an age before my phone vibrated in my hands to let me know he’d responded. He was either a very busy man or an extremely slow typer, but I tried not to take it personally.

Chris-theLumberJack: Me too. But I hope you can forgive me because I have a bit of a confession to make.

Alarm bells started ringing and I was hesitant to continue on. What on earth did he have to confess about so early on?

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