Sunday, February 14, 2016

NEW RELEASE: Doll by Miracle Austin

Welcome to Frost High; I bet you've heard about or currently may be attending. 

Small school, lots of secrets, a popular mean girl, Pepper Fox, and of course a few outcasts--Tomie Dupuy, Sarifena Green, and Opal Dawn--who all shined on Pepper's tormented list, since junior high. Opal shined the brightest. 

Tomie, Sari, and Opal made a pact and traveled to Monroe Creek, Louisiana with the goal to end their torment in an untraditional way. 

Sometimes things don't end up, as we wish. Fate always possesses a way to redirect everything. 

Will they finally find the solution to their agonizing problem or will all spiral out of control, as they never anticipated? 


"Doll is a frightening 5-star read with enough scary voodoo magic to give just the right amount of twists and turns."  ~Brandy Corona, best-selling author of Midnight Outbreak

About the Author

Miracle Austin works in the social work world by day and the writer’s world at night and weekends. She’s a YA/NA cross-genre author; adults also enjoy her works. She’s been writing ever since first hearing Drive by The Cars in junior high, which has been one of her biggest inspirations. She rediscovered her writing passion, recently. Her first mini-story, PENS, appeared in
Horror/suspense are her favorite genres, but not limited to. She enjoys writing diverse flashes, short stories, and longer works, while threading various social awareness themes into her stories, at times. Boundless will be her second debut work, which will be a YA/NA eclectic short story collection. She enjoys creating playlists that inspire some of her stories and enjoys attending diverse book festivals and comic cons, where she has been so honored to be one of the panelists on some. The highlights of attending the above functions include opportunities to hang out with author friends and meet new authors/readers. Miracle is currently working on future works and resides in Texas with her family. 
Feel free to contact Miracle anytime and follow her on all the social media outlets. She enjoys communicating with her readers. 
FaceBook: Miracle Austin Author 
Twitter: @MiracleAustin7 
InstaGram: MiracleAustin7

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